It Has been a lesson of style, a lesson of life, an action of the more truth and authentic Fair Play, one of those things that should be taught in the schools, the discourse of Mac Caine. 

The fighter, the man that is not surrendered up to the last one to spread of his new, fascinating and sure adversary of himself, but he described the motives for the defeat to his electorate, assuming him of it every responsibility, stopping with the hand the buus buu that raised him from the crowd, calming the minds, in the spirit of the national unity, calling him “my President", recognizing the his value , the superiority, "the victory of the adversary", to call him and to accept the defeat. On the other side Obama  is to admire for the gentleness with which treated him, defeats him. As it teaches Luciano Pinna: "The culture of the victory and that of the defeat". As to say " to learn to win, to teach to lose! " 

In short in America with still States that  have the death penalty, America that doesn't sign the essay of Kioto, that has a more based politics on the muscles that on the diplomacy, that eats hamburger and ketchup, that it doesn't have the sanitary assistance for many, there is however, still to learn something. 

A young country with an ancient democracy. 

To start from the discourse of Obama, that makes you go down a tear for the dream that comes true: a black to the White House, a heir of Martin Luther King or Kennedy? 

Surely a beam of light, of novelty and of hope for the more poor men, the forgotten ones, the minorities, the black people of America, without which, besides, the American sport would not exist, from the athletics to the basket, to the football. 

But the white Mac Caine has never ridden during the electoral campaign, hard and without exclusion of hits, the train of the color of the skin. I mark that by now it is a train that doesn't pay. Rather he had exhumed in the past some mole, some skeleton in some closet. 

But now that he won, for Mac Cain, Obama is her President, he is the man that will conduct for four years the richest country, stronger, more contradictory, more cosmopolitan of the world.  


Giorgio de Tommaso

General Secretary Italian CNIFP – Fair Play Italy   


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